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October 18, 2018 1 min read



   We love a good melodramatic portrait. I mean, who doesn't like to look mysteriously uninterested? It seems to be the cool-girlgo to pose. But, rumor has it that making this so called "frowny" face and furrowed-eyebrow look will create lines that last! Even the smallest facial gestures that may be a reflection of thinking too hard can create an imprint of muscle memory, causing the skin to wrinkle. Dermatologists named in Huffington Post article: "The 6 Everyday Habits That can Cause Wrinkles" have backed this theory, advising us to frown and squint- less. 



    For some, we have realized that this habitual expression has already caused wrinkles- and we are simply NOT ready for Botox! How to reverse it? Oil, oil, oil! Any oil based cream, moisturizer- or just straight up, oil- will help reduce those lines! And from now on- I guessssssss we'll try to be happier campers. 

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