Okay- what's with all this fuss over getting your skin used to a routine? We are all familiar with those Walgreen-Brand Kits that are labeled "Step 1" "Step 2", "Step 3"... so we give in, buy them- and we pray we see results- fast. See, the buzz about face-care routines is actually true! Getting your skin used to a regimen with same-brand products allows your skin to adhere to a system, the same way your body might adhere to a diet. The important thing about dieting though- is that you turn your dieting habits into a lifestyle. Same goes for your skin! Choosing to switch to a routine based skincare regimen will show improvements- but stopping that regimen might, in turn, encourage your skin to freak out! Choose a three step system with GOOD ingredients- and you won't have to worry about shying away from your routine.

When using a routine, for instance, the Dewyer DEW-O PACK ONE routine... you're allowing the skin on your face to get used to a certain formula. Washing does wonders, but it doesn't clean up all the mess! Following up with a Toner, helps rid your face of any excess muck that accumulates during the day, or any excess sweat that accumulates overnight, while you sleep! Concealing those two steps with a final step is imperative... Simply because you need to allow your skin to heal. Adding a third step of hydration will keep your face from cracking due to any tightness, protect your pores from unwanted dirt, and repair blemishes. 

Ta-da! It's like you're shedding a layer of skin every day!

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