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Dewyer Face Cream

Oh, this lovely cream. Dewyer Face Cream has a frankincense base. What is frankincense? We're glad you asked... 

Frankincense oil is drawn from the resin of the “Boswellia Sacra” tree, which is frequently grown in Somalia. Its properties for skin treatment are extremely beneficial. Frankincense is known to improve an even skin-tone, help with suppleness and resilience, and also works against bacteria or acne. Frankincense oil helps to tighten your skin, without being too harsh on drying or cracking. 

Main Organic Ingredients: 

• Organic Aloe Vera

• Organic Peppermint Leaf

• Organic Frankincense Oil

• Organic Mugwort 

how to use:

"I’ve tried so many creams for my face and this one is just the best! My face has never been so pure and clean!"